Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I received this in my mail today!

What a pleasant surprise! thank you yati!! i'm so happy! :):)
i love the cat you drew!! so cute! but it seemed like the postman was curious to find out what is in the envelope.. the envelope looked like that when it reached me already... :P
Here's a close-up of the card! so sweet! i can never make a card like this... And when i pull.. it stands and reveals the message! the mechanism is cool! :) thanks again yati! you really make great cards!


Edleen said...

that's really Cute! what a Sweet Card :)

glad we met up today. you look so Happy :D have a fun week yeah!

Norhayati Mohd said...

glad u like it :D

I had it mostly green cos that's ur favourite colour rite? :o)

Norhayati Mohd said...

what a min..they actually opened it up?!!

they can do that??..hhmm...

feli said...

yeah, i love green! thanks for remembering i love green! :)
no, they are not supposed to open it, but it came with part of the scotch tape torn open..