Friday, July 11, 2008

Project Scrap-away Blog Immunity..

I just received an email about Project Scrap-Away's Blog Immunity. I need your help! It's very easy, I just need your support.. How do you do that?

1) I just need your comments on my "Project Scrap-Away Challenge 8" blog entry.. I score 2 points with more than 5 comments on my Project Scrap-Away Challenge 8 blog entry.

2) It'll be good if you can mention my name and PSA Challenge 8 in your blog entry! You have to put on the words. If you do, please inform me so I can get 2 points for every blog entry!
After you've done the blog entry, you have to attach the link of your blog entry to the Project Scrap-Away Immunity Blog under the comments. You need to have a blogger account to leave a comment on the Immunity Blog, otherwise it will not be counted. Here's what you put under the comments: Felicia~ Friend + link (of the post from their blog)

The deadline is JULY 15, 8pm, where all the scores will be tabulated... Help me out k?? Pleaseeeeeeee... :) I want to get immunity!!

And lastly, if you think i will win Project Scrap-Away, vote for me here! I don't know if the votes will affect anything, but do support me k? thank you!! :):)

Ask me questions if you don't understand anything that i've said so far k?
I know some of you visit my blog but don't leave comments.. thanks for your support, leave me a comment k?? :) i'd love to hear from you...


Sophia said...

Hi Feli!

I've mentioned you and Project Scrapaway on my scrapblog. Hope it helps to earn you some immunity =)

Norhayati Mohd said...

i've voted for u cos u r reaaaally good!!!