Friday, June 05, 2009


Look at the RAKs i received last month!! :)
Here's what I won for the MWL Easter Egg Scrapping Challenge... Yummy Making Memories goodies!
Here's what I received for attending Celine Navarro's Metal Album Class...

Here's another RAK i got from the class...

And my name was picked for this!! Celine's very own magazine!
Specially autographed by Celine!! I feel so honoured! :)

And here's the RAK i won for Magistical Memories Irish Eyes are Smiling Contest & Stick to it Challenge... I got to choose the items i wanted and they added more items for me! I was overwhelmed by the variety of chipboards i received!!
Aren't my RAKs yummy?

And I'm so happy to know that i've just won more! woohoo!


Chok Keun said...

Wow, yummy RAKs & winning out there! Congrats!

stinkydudette said...

ooo... you sure are one lucky girl!!