Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stuffed Trees

Haven't been blogging for quite a while, so here's an update of what i've been up to...:) I was busy working on 2 secret projects, can only reveal them next month. I've completed them and I really love how they turned out. I have some good news to share about what's happening from January 2010.. So stay tuned! =)

Have you checked out Artz de Scrap's tutorial this month! It is up today and I have to say that it's such a cute one! :) Love the Stuffed Trees tutorial by our very own DT, Kim.

Made 2 trees using felt... I added a crochet flower made by my mum at the bottom of the stuffed trees. Also used some mt masking tape, buttons and stickles as embellishments.

Here's how the back of tree no. 1 look like...

Tree no. 2 - This one is made out of fabric that Swee Ching gave me. Added some polkadots using stickles.

Tree no. 3 - Added my all-time favourite embellishment, Robin's Nest dewdrops! =)

Here's the back of Tree no. 3.

I brought Tree no. 3 to a Christmas party at my friend's place and used it as a decor for this tray of candy treats i brought! Everyone loved it! =)

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