Wednesday, July 02, 2008

it's all about dots...

Here's what i did for Project Scrap-Away Challenge 6... The challenge was to use as many polkadot stash you have on 4 coasters...

I decided to use all the stash I had with polkadots on them and include some other stash where I add my own polkadots on them. I kept the coasters in the shape of the square to showcase the different techniques I used on each of the coasters. The 4 coasters when put together reveal the words 'it's all about dots' where the letter stickers on transparency are glittered with stickles.
Coaster 1 - I used gaffer tape to create a pattern as a background on the coaster. Felt ribbons and flower was then added.
Coaster 2 - Flowers were used to form a border. Stickles was added to the polkadots on the flower to enhance them. The flowers were strung together with polkadot ribbons. Polkadot brads were added to the polkadots on the PP.
Coaster 3 - I punched out holes according to the circles on the gaffer tape. More holes were punched and eyelets were inserted to create a pattern on the coaster. I used stickles to add polkadots to some of the buttons.
Coaster 4 - This coaster is all about polkadot ribbons. I love how the loops of ribbons add dimension to this coaster.
The judge for this round is Teresa Collins. I'm happy i got through and be in the top 9! :)

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Chowchow said...

This is definitely a very very dotty entry- I love it!!!