Tuesday, June 03, 2008

you bring colours to my life...

Here's a page i'm submitting to Laines' Gallery for the June Gallery Special - "My Favourite Guy".
I'm using tags that Regina gave me and when i saw them, i immediately thought of these PPs that i have.. they go so well together! the row of hearts came from the bottom strip of PP that i usually throw away.. but i thought it was so cute!
Cutouts which i assembled and hide the parts with flowers that weren't complete under the photo.. The photo was something that came accidental! i printed the photo and it came out black and white.. but i wanted it colour so i printed another photo, cut out the part with adib and stuck it to the black and white one... the black and white one has parts of it with crackle accent.. i love how the cracks turned out... :)


Edleen said...

Feli, this is a great page of Adib! love the colours and everything on your LO! :)

hope you're enjoying the holidays and see you soon!

Adib said...

looks like i drank a very sour drink till the background cracked!!!!