Sunday, May 04, 2008

What scrapbooking means...

To me, scrapbooking is where i can be creative... Where i can enjoy what i love doing..:) And i think challenges are great, cos they make me try my very best to do something different.. Something that i don't know how it'll turn out. I like that discovering process. It shouldn't be something we have to rush through and not be able to scrap like how we usually do. I think it should be enjoyable instead of stressful.. So I'd like to continue to enjoy the process of scrapping... :)


Adib said...

Words of wisdom from the enlightened scrapper;) I totally agree.. any creative endeavour should be enjoyed and made with love.

Hope you stay true to scrapping with lots of joy and let it show through in the projects that you do!:)

Norhayati Mohd said...

agree! agree!!

err..that's one reason why i shy away from crop session dat has challenges in it. I'll panic & usually ended up not liking what i did ;(

I enjoy free & easy crop session though :)

so when r we cropping together again? ;)