Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Adib came over! i was surprised! He made me this cake..:)

Then we cut the cake.. hehe.. it looks like a mess after cutting..:P
The next day, i was here!! The Central at Clarke Quay... We chanced an interesting display there..
We each had a really yummy sandwich at O'Briens.. I wanna go there again! Typing this is making me hungry... Then adib had orange juice.. hehe..

It was such a hot day! how can we not have ice-cream.. hehe.. We tried this hokkaido ice-cream which we didn't really like.. instead here was what we did..

Had a birthday party at my house where i invited some of my uni frens over for dinner...

Here are some photos...

Ros and her funky camera! :)

And this was what i got from this bunch of friends.. A card and a photo printer! Haven't got time to explore it yet.. Hope to do so soon! Thanks for the printer! :)


cabbie lopez said...

happy happy birthday dear feli!!!! may your scrapbooking journey continue to be filled with creativity and inspiration! wow the cake and fun is really so exciting plus wati's rak, so yummy!!!! fun day!!!

Renoa said...

Happy Birthday Feli!!!

I thought it was a real cake at first lol! so funny~ wow,groovie frens you got there! Yea show us some pics that you print with that FAB photo printer soon! can't wait to see~~