Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Green Green Necklace!

Here's a green necklace i did to wear to the crop-a-thon... All items used are from Love, Elsie PPs and chipboard buttons, other than the circle chipboards, threads and ribbon used..
I also tried out my UTEE.. but i think i'm not too sure how to used it yet..:P so now, the effect looks like permanent water droplets on the PP! hehe.. See the water droplets on the cloud? :P
I sewed these buttons down to the chipboard so they won't drop out when i wear the necklace... The PP in the centre was backed with cardboard and i applied glossy accent on it...
The smallest circle at the bottom is embellished with fibre..


lialuvsblythes said...

This is amazing, Felicia!

My favoritest out of all your altered works so far!

cabbie lopez said...

i loveeee this necklace so much!!!!!