Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've been picked! :)

I've been picked to be part of Papierhouse 1st Design Team! Can't wait to work on future sketches by Ed! Congrats to June, Michelle and Susan! :)

Check out the announcement here...
Papierhouses 1st Design Team


Edleen said...

Congrats Felicia!!!

can't wait to see your takes on Ed's Sketch in the coming months *wink*

Stay Groovie!

cabbie lopez said...

congrats feli!!!! way to go!!! im so excited to see your creations!

Adib said...

thats brilliant!congratulations!! will be looking forward to the stuff that the creative scrapping brain and hands will produce:)

congratulations babe!

Leena said...

A HUGE Congratulations to you Felicia!! Can't wait to see your creations soon!! Have fun! ;)