Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Arte y Pico Award

Thank you Cabbie for including me in your 5 for the Arte y Pico Award! i feel so honoured! i'd have included you in my 5 if i could! you've been a great inspiration and i'm so glad to have gotten to know you!
Here is the scoop:
1) Select 5 blogs who deserve the award for their creativity, interest and design and their contribution to the blogging community irrespective of language.
2) Each award must name the author and a link to their blog so that others may visit their blog.
3) Each award winner must show the award and put the name and link of the person they received it from.
4) The award winner and the person who awarded it must show a link to the “Arte Y Pico” blog so that others will know the origin of the award.
So, these are the 5 people i have chosen...
1. edleen - ( singapore) -- i love how she shares with everyone what's going on in her life other than scrapbooking, and how she tries her best to keep her family together.. :)
2. leena ( singapore ) - i'm always inspired by the way she use colours in her layouts, and there's so much to learn from her!
3. erlia (singapore) -- another inspiring scrapper who i've learnt from through the textures and layering she displays on her layouts and projects!
4. aida - (singapore) -- i really love her shabby chic layouts and projects, she has shown me that there are many other things that are not scrapbook related we can use to scrap! i love how she adds that handmade touch to her projects...
5. jennie (singapore) - a scrapper whom i thought have been scrapping for a long time! love how she combines colours and different elements in her layouts.. :)


Edleen said...

Felicia Dear, Thank you :) receiving any form of award is always a good thing and gives a really nice feeling.

have a Pleasant Day and yes, we'll catch up soon since you're having your school hols! *wink*

let's meet up for lunch sometime @ Jalan Kayu :D

Leena said...

Thank you so much Felicia!! This is truly an honour!

Aida Haron said...

WOW !!! Thanks so much .... going to check out the links !!!