Saturday, March 29, 2008

I decorated my notebooks!!

These are my design notebooks.. I've been wanting to do something on the cover as i could never tell which is the front cover and which is the back.. But i didn't want too much to be on it cos they'll be used quite intensively.. so i thought... how about stamping? :) So here's what i did..

I used the clear stamps i just bought.. i bought them cos they look funky! and i think they can be used to create lots of different patterns!! just some simple stamping to make my day a little better..


cabbie lopez said...

wow i love the funky look of the white stamps!!! about the crackle, when you apply thick paint- the crack will be big and distinguished. if you apply medium paint- the crack will be small. in my altered plastic plant label, i applied thick ones so that the cracks will be big and seen. thanks for visiting my blog!!! love your works too.very talented lady.

Adib said...

i want these too! :)